Outsourcing Mauritius

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Why Outsource with us?

We offer our services directly to clients (companies, organisation, citizens), to intermediaries, but also to web/communication agencies aiming at offshore in order to extend their production capacities. The advantages are numerous:

- We have experience in offshore with foreign web/communication agencies since years. We have acquired the know-how and are quality focused,
- We know the international standards for the web Development and our employees master them,
- Our experience in realizing projects from design to the upload on the client’s server allows us to be completely independent with our own project managers, graphic designers and developers,
- We are very ease with either French or English due to our bilingual nature,
- Our pricing is very competitive because our wages are low.

" Seize this opportunity to reduce your production cost and boost up the profitability of your business. We'll pass you back the baton to win the race of market share "

How to oursource with us?

According to your structure, strategy and needs, we offer different ways of partnership:

- You want ot build up your efficient web project at a lower price, D.M.S has the solution,

- You have your own development team, your load of work is too much to cope with, you are hesitating in recruiting but you don’t know the future or financially it’s really difficult. Don’t worry, you can hire a dedicated engineer with D.M.S on a daily, monthly or yearly basis,

- You are a communication agency, your client wants to have its website, send us your specifications and we can deal with all the development of the web portal for you,

Those are our common ways of working with our clients but if you want a customized solution, contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it