Our Methodology

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" When you undergo a web project, this can be  time consuming. D.M.S believes that when you contract with a web agency, the latter must do its best to build up your project wihtout giving you more stress or work to undertake "

At D.M.S, your project undergoes:

- 1 Single contact person
- 1 Proven methodology
- 1 Temporary server to see the evolution of the project

Our sales & marketing director is the only interface between the client and the production team and is the sole responsible of the quality and client's satisfaction of the project.

Accompanied by a team of experts and a rigorous methodology, the SM director will ensure a constant rhyme, quality and respect of the different steps of the project.

According to the client's needs and the project itself, we will use the latest and best solution by using the concept of "Best of breed"

«assemble and customize the best existing solutions that will bring your project to success»

The temporary server of D.M.S has the advantage of allowing the client to see the progression of its project on a web server.