Let your web project come true

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" Have you ever got a great business idea or dream of having your own e-business ?

Having to hire a web agency to let your dream or project come true can be quite expensive !!!.

What happens if all your energy and budget are absorbed by the conception of your project and that when times have come to market your product,

you are ruined?

D.M.S has thought of you while preparing its business plan and we have a solution for you too !!! We shall give your a help while you are riding towards the success pathway

Please concentrate on marketing your project and on convincing clients and stakeholders while leaving the web development in our hands for "free".

We shall have a partnership agreement between our two companies and discuss of the percentage of revenue that will be awarded to D.M.S for a period of time.

If we beleive your project can have a great outcome, we won't hesitate to invest in your idea. That's the vision of D.M.S Web Solutions Ltd.


A group of university students and professionals came to meet D.M.S to invest into an online IT magazine.

We had a discussion of the business plan and of the share of profit and agreed through a contrat.

They made all the sales and marketing part whereas we did the web development part.

Today, www.openitmag.com is live and both companies are winning out of it. We have made an online tool for them to publish fruitful articles about IT for Mauritian and foreign citizens.

" So what are you waiting for? Still thinking... or emailing/phoning D.M.S? "