Why D.M.S?

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"  Choosing your web agency is like choosing a partner in life. By merging your experience of your business sector and our expertise in web design, we shall build up a web project that is best suited for your company and that should last forever. So, this is a good reason to take your time to take the right decision at first go"

Why should you choose D.M.S in 10 points?

  1. D.M.S can be a new company but all our engineers have more than 4 years experience in web development for the European & local market,
  2. We've all worked for one of the best web agency in Mauritius which has implemented huge e-commerce websites in France,
  3. We know how to handle a web project from start to delivery and can work on an offshore basis,
  4. We use the latest technologies to build up your web projects,
  5. We are not just integrators of famous CMS or e-commerce platforms but are real programmers that can undertake any of your specific needs,
  6. Our graphic designer has a lot of creativity and won't ever take ready made templates via the web for our clients,
  7. The colours and the general theme of the website will transpose the environment of your company and its identity,
  8. We build dynamic websites that need little or no maintenance from the client's part,
  9. We offer a one-stop shop service: website, hosting, e-marketing, mobile application,
  10. We offer a european standard quality at a very competitive price